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Johnny the Gentleman is a book for children, centered around chivalry and good manners, which are positive personal behaviors that seem to be diminishing in today's society. This book was written with the hope of instilling chivalry and manners into children. Throughout the story, Johnny conducts himself in a gentlemanly manner, with chivalrous acts and deeply ingrained good manners second nature in his demeanor towards his new friend Grace. Johnny sets an example for children to admire and follow in their interactions with others as they grow into teenagers and young adults. It is a perfect story for parents and grandparents raising children and grandchildren with these values in mind. 

Grey Limbo

About The Authors

David and Tammy Martin were raised in Van Wert, Ohio, a rural farm community in northwest Ohio where such traditional values are commonplace. They were taught to always respect and treat others as they would like to be treated. Through Johnny the Gentleman, the couple highlights proper behavior that young people can easily learn and emulate from a very young age to help bring a renewed level of civility and respect back to society.

Johnny the Gentleman was a family project between David and his wife Tammy, with their three children, Mackenzie, Kelsey and Graham. Mackenzie, who is the oldest child, was the illustrator for the book. Kelsey is leading marketing efforts and Graham is leading sales and distribution.

Since 1993, David has been a finance executive working at world-renowned public companies. Tammy has been a Physical Therapist Assistant since 1995, primarily focusing on geriatric rehabilitation. The Martin’s strive to be a positive influence inside and outside of their working careers. Through telling the story of Johnny the Gentleman, David and Tammy hope to drive positive change in society, one young mind at a time.

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